Runaway Daydreamer.

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Name: Qần Bi.

Age: 20-something.

What he’s doing: Designing beautiful clothes for men.

What he’s wearing: Colours.

What he’s listening to: Happy by Pharrell



Pale September…

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It’s been a whole month since my last post. SORRY! Been quite busy actually, which is always good news.

Enjoy looking at the girl in the pale pink dress. I just got a soft spot for the fall season :”)

Trang, 26

how sweet is it actually, the combination of such contrast of the very curly hair and the soft pink color

and the smile that goes so well with the whole outfit:)

Cupid boy…

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Girls would fall at this boy’s feet. No doubt!

Tutti Fruity…

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i have a thing for cute fruity graphic tees. and i love how she works her (super) thin frame: breaking all the rules (loose and thin tee and slim fit torn jeans are NOT for thin people) and make it so wrong it’s actually right. Totally cool!

You’re No God…

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if only the young girls know how to work fashion the way this lady does❤

Puzzle Me…

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This is Hoài Anh. She’s 19.

This is exactly what I love about young fashion: (super) CHEAP, (absolutely) comfortable and (very) unique.

The combination of the outer stripes and the inside puzzle geometric print is abso cool. And her shoes! She dotted it herself, there will no shoes like that!

Both top from Sunny Kusa Shop (



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Name: Tuan Mami

Age: 29

Occupation: Artist

What he’s wearing: Top and scarf from Japan. Pants from China.

His style: Sexy & Cool

Thoughts: Street fashion in Vietnam is Uniform.



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