indie boys in New Cross…

it was during a few unusually hot days in October in London, and I was sent down to South London to find some indie boys for a street style page in the up-n-coming magazine called BUCK (

these are what I found. all were in New Cross, and all are students at Goldsmith – a real gold mine for street style ^^

Ryan Holt, 18.
Jeans: Primark
Jumper: A second-hand shop in Nottinghill (£2)
Boots: Camden Market (£12)
Bag: Spitalfields Market (£5)

Rob Greer, 18. English student.
Jacket: Camden Market (£40)
Jeans: H&M
Boots: Barratts (£60)

Lee Summers, 20. Arts student.
Jeans: Blue Banana (£30)
Belt: Charity shop (£10)
Shades: Rayban from Ebay (£20)

Matthew Cleary, 20. English student.
His outfit screams Topman from top to toe, except for the scarf which I fancied.

Saul Rodgers, 18. Psychology student.

Jeans: April 77
Shirt: Vintage
Shoes: Dad’s (fabulous Daddy!!!)

All these guys will be featured in the first issue of BUCK, coming out on 30th Oct in all newsagent, so watch out!


6 thoughts on “indie boys in New Cross…

  1. I want a man with this look. By the way, Saul the psychology student is also a part-time model coz he was on a shoot I assisted for Remember I was telling you about it, with all the pretty sequins?

  2. Dame Greer looking rather chubby on this photo I think all the other ‘models’ are more edible than you, however im sure you could perform some ten pound wanks

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