Gorgeous faces with gorgeous clothes found outside THE MAN SHOW – London Fashion Week 2008

the Levi's guy
the Levis guy
vampire look
vampire look
drop dead gorgeous
beauty queen
drop dead gorgeous
drop dead gorgeous
you look like you're from NY
you look like your from NY

what happened to Henry Holland btw? 2 years ago when he first came out he was this gorgeous delicate white guy with a shy smile that melted hearts. look what the industry had done to him, now he’s this tired-looking old guy with bad hair and probably no time to even care about what he put on himself. Sad.

later, nx

3 thoughts on “Gorgeousness…

  1. It seems that the Man show was a wonderous affair of people. I think that we need to ensnare these people and put them into a breeding program because they’ve gotta have pretty kids too!

  2. Hey sweetheart, met you last night at Ghetto and you gave me your blog addy. Small world, I know the Levi’s guy, Josh, keep in touch about possible photos x

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