you’re so preppy, and i like it…

Right, so October is not even coming to an end yet and it was snowing in London? That sounds so wrong I actually gasped when it happened in front of my very own naked eyes. For someone who actually got love for snow like me, I was happy to see those icy fluffy flake flying around. But Kylie isn’t wrong at all when she sings “happiness will never last, darkness comes and kick your ass”. 1:30 in the morning and I was waiting for the night bus for half an hour in the snow, freezing like a polar bear with no hair in the heart of the North Pole. It was not even funny.

Anyway, this blog is not about snowing in London, it’s about something else that… I’ll get to that in a minute.

I’m not going to deny the fact that I actually enjoy Gossip Girl very much. I know I’m a little too old to sit and watch a bunch of snobby kids in the Upper East Side fucking each other’s life. I, however, believe that I had stopped growing up 10 years ago, so. Nevermind.

But you can’t disagree that Gossip Girl is probably the most visually enjoyable tv show ever made. The kids are so cute (don’t even get me started on Blair and Jenny and Nate and Chuck).

And the fashion. Forget all the labels that the girls strut in (and on) which already got the world talking, the character of Chuck only is hugely responsible for bringing preppy back on the plate. Pastel colour shirts, classic cardigans, wool suit pants, silk scarves, ties and neck-kerchieves have never looked so cool on a young guy.

For the season of autumn-winter 08, Ralph Lauren is also reviving the classic American private school look, with chunky cardigans, club-logo pullovers and polos. Check out the latest issue of VMan for more details.

As tremendously inspired by Chuck, and as lame as I am, I have decided to try my hand on preppy, putting on myself a few clothes that I’ve hid away at the bottom of my wardrobe for quite a while, thinking preppy just won’t work on me at all. But doesn’t hurt to try, does it?

Shirt by Versace

Cardigan by Nigel Hall

Shorts and belt by Fred Perry

Shirt and trousers by Topman design

Cardigan by All Saints

Tie from Hurwundeki (i will write about Hurwundeki soon)

Shoes by Reiss

Suits by Topman design

Shirt from Thailand

Cardigan by Burberry

Tie from Hurwundeki

Shoes by Reiss

Now all I wish for this Christmas is a chunky cardigan by Alexander McQueen, oi.


5 thoughts on “you’re so preppy, and i like it…

  1. Like it pretty much. c’est dommage que je pourrais pas exprimer en français parce que tu comprendras pas, lol. I like the way you explain your point of view, it’s so you, Da.t oi! hehe

  2. I did Preppy today!!!! it looked good!! so wish you could have seen it hun!!! Oh..and loving the preppy-ness on you!!!

    We need to do Preppy Day next week!! xxx

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