BUCK. It starts here!

Finally I could manage to get my painfully annoying headache under control to update this blog with some exciting event: the launch of a new men’s magazine in town – BUCK – for which I got to take some tiny little photos.

You must have been out of town for a while if you haven’t heard about it by now. Now that you have heard about it get yourself out to any Borders, Tesco, Asda or WH Smith to get a copy. I heard it’s out in New York, Tokyo and such too. But if you’re really out of town and can’t grab a hold of a copy then http://www.buckstyle.com should help.

The magazine is one fit buck, if that makes sense.



P.S: go to http://www.buckstyle.com for a whole lot more photos I took of the party! nx

5 thoughts on “BUCK. It starts here!

  1. I’m going to kill you for that photo Nick. You know which one I mean. And you know I love you. But seriously. That one?

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