Super-size me…

Something I’m not entirely sure yet, but I myself fancy very much.

David Lim, 33. Doctor
David Lim, 33. Doctor

What do we call this? Over-sized zip-up tee? Or just over-sized outer wear? I’m confused, but I like it.

Jeans by Tsubi (nice)

Shoes by YSL (yum)

Bag by Fendi

didn't know doctors could be so stylish!
didnt know doctor could be so stylish!

Top (wear inside) by Joseph

Outer-wear by Diesel

Cool. That’s another one for today. Talk a bit about music, I’m loving some really cool remixes, mostly pretty old stuff, but they are addictive. if you have a chance, check them out:

– The Saturdays – Up (Wide Boys remix)

– Britney Spears – Break The Ice (Jason Nevins rock remix): this one’s old but still loving it

– Adele – Cold Shoulder (Basement Jaxx classic remix): one of my favourite remixes of all time. can’t stop listening to this

– Metronomy – Heartbreaker (Kris Menace remix): just found this gem of remixes last night thanks to Melanie ( and now can’t stop listening to it!

Last but not least, a new one: Britney’s upcoming single Circus got remixed by Jason Nevins pretty neatly.

Sorry I can only recommend, I’m too lazy to upload and share.

Anyway, I’m off, nx


Knitwear from outerspace…

It’s official: I’ve found my favourite piece of knitwear, and i believe it’s from some other planet!

omg it's so cool
omg its so cool

Okay. I was joking. It’s from this planet. To be more exact, it’s from Iceland, by a designer named Mundi. To be even more exact, it is sold in Beyond the Valley (Newburgh st, off Carnaby st). Isn’t it so cute + cool + so-chunkily-sexy-it-makes-me-yearn-for-chocolate?


The same designer, Mundi, also does this piece which shows me the gate to hoodie heaven

can i have another piece of cheese cake please?
can i have another piece of cheese cake please?

Who said hoodie can’t be sexy? Well, I definitely never said that since I’ve already got a very sexy slim fit over-sized hoodie from Ambiguous (which transformed me into Lady Gaga a while ago if you remember). But this? This is THE one.

*slurp slurp*
so cute it kills

I get very depressed when I can’t afford clothes I want, that’s the reason why I have finished more than half a loaf of walnut cake while writing this. Now I’ll go eat up the rest to gulp down my depression.

By the way, there’s a party for the 2nd issue of Buck magazine tomorrow (or today?) – it’s today now: Wednesday 26th Nov, anybody? It’s gonna be great so come if you don’t have a better plan. No guestlist so you’d better come early, around 7:30 is perfect. Live music from My Tiger My Timing and Death Cigarettes, and DJ sets from Mmmelanie, Deathcrush and Defn.


E2 9AG

(just off the Hackney Road)

I’m off, nx

Cirque de la Britney…

courtesy of
courtesy of

For the last few days Britney’s new album is all I’ve been listening too, so I was thinking about writing a review for it. But the more I listen to it, the harder I find writing about it. Anyway, I’ll try.

I don’t remember when I became a fan of Britney Spears. I started listening to her because all other kids were, and MTV didn’t stop showing her videos. And I started to think I liked her, because the whole world did, why shouldn’t I?

But to really be a fan of her, to not just like her because everybody else does but because she deserves the liking, to care enough to start enjoy her music in my own way, and to pay more attention to her than just the horrible fashion…

A few years back, the first breakout in my journalistic career was an article I wrote to defence Britney, in which I argued that all the new generation solo female singers should thank Britney for changing the world’s point of view toward teenage solo female singers and opened up countless opportunities for girls who wanted to sing to be heard. I didn’t even like Britney that much back then, I wrote the article only because that was the first idea popped up in my head when my editor asked for an original piece.

What I didn’t know then was, once you’ve entered the Britney’s world, you will not/do not/can not go back.

Cirque de la Britney part 1: from a Slave to a Ringleader – always Entertainer

For me, the moment Britney started to really exist was I’m A Slave For You. That was the moment the girl, who was totally lost and confused in the first two albums (especially when fashion was concerned), realized what she was capable of, and what she was becoming: The Entertainer. Ever since, she has been any thing and tried every way to entertain the world. This time around, though, I believe it’s her masterpiece, and it’s gonna be huge:

I’m like the ringleader
I call the shots
I’m like a firecracker
I make it hot
then i put on a show

That’s what she sings in her next single Circus, and boy she has every right to be so sure. I used to think Blackout was the most incredible disco album ever made, but after listening to Circus (album), Blackout starts to sound like the very first raw draft of what Circus delivers. All the dance tracks on the album are so finely produced, somewhat tamed and smooth, totally contrast to the loudness and aggression of Blackout. Gone is the synthesizing ear-thumping bass and Britney’s vocoder voice. The excitement of these new tracks lies in smarter beats (and hook-lines), creative arrangmements, and the unexpected use of Britney’s more natural voice (although ‘more natural’ and ‘natural’ are two different stories).

Among these dance numbers, my favourites are Shattered Glass, Unusual You, Radar (the very Radar that was also in Blackout-though branded “Circus mix” sounds exactly the same, probably my favourite Britney’s track of all time), and amazingly, the three bonus track Rock Me In, Amnesia and Phonography (these tracks are better than half the album tracks).

Shattered Glass is an upbeat but dark and bitter song about a betray lover. This track is genius, the beat is super simple, the arrangement is also a far cry from anything complicated, yet it hooks me in after five seconds, and I couldn’t stop listening. What even better is it’s very short, it stops in less than three minutes which just makes you yearn for more. Genious!

No less superb is the mysterious almost-90s-melancholic-disco track Unusual You. The name is unusual, the lyrics are unusual (“Didn’t anyone tell you / You’re supposed to break my heart? So why haven’t you?”), and Britney sounds sweet and sincere. One of the best (and unusual) things she’s ever done.

One song that’s got great circulation all over the internet at the moment is Kill The Lights. It’s a good one, almost like Piece Of Me. Nothing really special though. Not on my favourite list.

Phonography is my favourite from the bous tracks. That doesn’t surprise me, as it’s got same producers as Do Something, Toy Soldier, Unusual You, Radar and Toxic a.k.a all of Britney’s best tracks (not to mention Madonna’s How High and Like It Or Not). Bloodshy & Avant are bloody avant-garde musically.

Cirque de la Britney part 2: Yes She Can!

courtesy of
courtesy of

What amazed me the most watching Britney all these years is that, she could actually show how much she has grown up/changed through her voice, even when it has been put through a vocoder.

Let’s make a few comparison first:

Madonna (miraculously) manages to sound exactly the same after 25 years, although she practically experiences another style of music on each album.

Rihanna sounds worse after every album, or single. She used to sing like a girl, now her voice is like a cat meow. The music flactuates. And she can’t choose a style.

Kylie sounds, erm, I don’t know. How does she sound? I never paid much attention to her voice. The only time I actually paid attention to her voice was for the song Nudity on her X album, which I swear to God sounds like a rip off from Britney’s In the Zone (Bloodshy & Avant produced, no wonder why), and I laughed so much I almost fell off my chair when I realized how pathetic she sounded in comparison to Britney while singing the same style

(The reason why I mention Madonna, Rihanna and Kylie is because they happen to release some biggest pop hits this year)

Britney. Her music style doesn’t change much since Britney (album), however, she sounds different in every album. Take all the personal-related songs in every era for example:

Stronger (Oops I Did It Again)

Overprotected (Britney)

My Pregrogative (In the Zone – Greatest Hits)

Piece Of Me (Black Out)

Kill The Lights (Circus)

I’m not talking about the lyrics or the music, just her voice. You can see very clearly how she went from a simpler, more naive and happier voice to a darker, cooler, blunter one through the time. There are more examples but I’m a little too tired to list more, duh.

So, she’s back on number 1. WTF? Womanizer is not even a good song, she’s done so much better. This life is just wrong. And next I don’t expect any other song from the album make it to number 1, just because they are all better!

Enough said. Who cares about numbers anymore. There’s no doubt Britney has made the best pop album of this year. I hate to say this, but Britney’s Circus kicks Madonna’s Hard Candy straight in the ass. Don’t even mention Rihanna anymore, that’s a bad joke (I was stunned when people still danced to Umbrella the other day, in fact, I was amazed more that people still played it). Now all I do is enjoy this little piece of disco heaven until Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s next album (and from what I’ve heard so far, it’s a yummy piece of disco cake too)

Final note: I only mention the dance tracks but not the ballads on Circus, because I had never been, and probably would never be a fan of Britney’s ballads.

Final note 2: God I haven’t written anything for so long I was really struggling writing this piece of sh*t. Dropping my journalistic career is probably my best decision in life so far!

Final note 3: This blog will go back to fashion tmr!

Have a lovely new week, nx

SS delight…

I curse the day the weather was born, I swear to God, I hate it so much I can’t even put it into words. Was so sick the last couple of days thus no updates on this blog. But I’m back.

Anyway, before the weather decided to turn so ridiculously cold and made everybody ill, me and my friends had a very nice afternoon digging a sample sale in Bricklane. This is just a sample of what we came back with. Again, I forgot my camera so Igor’s camera was in use, hence the bad quality photos.

this jacket is not from the sale thou
this jacket is not from the sale thou
Saif in his new jacket
Saif in his new jacket

Since when did double-chested army jackets become so sexy? Ask Igor and Saif.

Shiraz in her new smoking hot jacket
Shiraz in her new smoking hot jacket

Shiraz, again, got the hottest item (i’m kidding, i got the hottest jacket really) and became queen of the sample sale (i’m kidding again)

anyway, we were all happy. i want to show what i got, but haven’t got any photos because I fell sick the moment I got home, so. till next time then, nx

one happy bunch of kids

Tee time…

Right, I’m in fact enjoying some nicest green tea made in Vietnam while writing this, but that has nothing to do with this blog or anyone of you. No I’m not sharing. You, however, might find what I’m sharing today even more enjoyable.

Because I happen to think that this is the nicest t-shirt in the world

Jayson wears hat from H&M
Jayson wears hat from H&M

This is the t-shirt made by Horace and can be found at Concrete shop (Marshall st, just off Carnaby st)

In the photo Jayson wears an over-sized which I think gives a cooler and edgier look. Have a better look

best over-sized tee!
Jayson wears shoes from Office

I, however, choose a better fitted size, and I still like it very much

don't I look cool ^^
dont I look cool?

(note: the drummer of Alphabeat wore one exactly like mine in the video of Fascination, and he’s gorgeous so I shouldn’t have a problem with that should I?)

What’s best about it is that, it’s a t-shirt, and there’s no season for t-shirts, it never goes in or out of fashion, because it’s just a tee. So why not run to Concrete right now to grab one for yourself while the sale’s still on. I did, and I was never more happy ^^

Another sale’s on tomorrow. I’d better kill myself now, I’d die hungry in a week anyway having spent all money on clothes 😦

By the way, Britney’s new album kick anything by Rihanna in both the ass and the face.


Pitch Black…

Continue with the black theme. But this time, it’s pure black, plain black, extreme black.

Scarlett Ellis, 22. MUA
Scarlett Ellis, 22. MUA

Jacket: New Look

Bag: Topshop

Boots: Dr Marten’s

Oh how I just love the dark evil look, especially when it works so well on her 🙂

Black works differently on guys though.

James Nicholson, 24. Graphic designer
James Nicholson, 24. Graphic designer

I love this guy James. When I stopped him and ask to take his photo, he shyly smiled and said thank you. I was like, for what. “Because I think I look like a mess,” he said.

Oh no, Mr.Graphic Designer, how could you look like a mess wearing an All Saints bag, Swear shoes, that lovely almost-vintage army-like double-chested coat (surprisingly from River Island Boutique – the vintage range) and that smile.

okay. that’s enough blackness for today.


Back to Black…

This is what I tend to do: usually dress in colours when mood is black, and vice versa.

Don’t know about these people though, but they look fabulous.

Axiel Yael Haligua, 21
Axiel Yael Haligua, 21

Jacket from a small leather shop in Paris, on the street of Rue vielle du Temple

Shorts from a small village in China (very random)

Jumper with massive turtle neck from Mango (fabulous)

Shoes by freelance from Paris

Bag by Mandarina Duck

Stockings from Tati shop in Paris

And then,

outside Ghetto

But I’m not going to tell you where to get what from where by whom, because if you want to look this fabulous, you’d better figure it out yourself.

Enjoy the week, nx

P.S: my apologies to my friend Igor: the reason why these photos are in bad quality is because I didn’t bring my camera and therefore had to borrow my friend Igor’s camera. Thanks Igor for the help, love ya 😛 nx