Chunky time…

I was hanging out with my friend Shiraz in Soho, sitting at the Nero on Old Compton st – our favourite coffee shop in town, and had this conversation.

me: it’s amazing how chunky cardigan was for last winter, but this winter is the real chunky season. anything chunky is cool. chunky cardigans, chunky scarves…

Shiraz (cut me short): chunky women?

Oh i love you Shiraz, yes i do.

Just as we talked, it was like to illustrate what we were talking about, this beautiful young man walked pass us

Tomek, 25. PR and manager for an unnamed fashion shop

Now any of you lucky bastard that got a chance to flee to Paris this season, don’t forget to go to a shop called Maria Louisa and get this beautiful cardigan before it’s too late and London is no longer cold (which probably will only happen in another thousand years, so yah, you’ve got loads of time).

anyway, if you pay better attention, which wasn’t what i did because it was pouring rain and very dark, his jumper is also very cute with tiny little flowery embroided details. Oi Tomek, where did you get it?

And also i think i called him a beautiful young men but the photo above doesn’t really show it, so here’s an extra

img_0001aaahave a lovely week, nx

4 thoughts on “Chunky time…

  1. That chunky convo made me giggle! What a gorgeous cardigan. If I had enough pennies I would be taking the next eurostar to Paris and buying me one of those. Unless the beautiful man wants to come over and wrap me up in his!

  2. oh honey, for once the Eurostar sounds like a better plan, because i believe the beautiful man is busy wrapping his beautiful cardigan around his bf, you don’t even have a slight chance 🙂 nx

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