Club Kids…

No, I didn’t make a mistake making both first letters capital. Because Club Kids is the name of a new book documenting the London nightlife from whenever it started to now. Well I actually don’t know much about the book more than what I got from the PR paper, so here it is:

Club Kids: From Speakeasies to Boombox and Beyond is a lavish photographic and literary journey exploring how nightlife has evolved over 20th and 21st centuries. The book implicitly questions the dismissal of those showcasing the latest youth culture, and celebrates the nighttime glitterati not only as photogenic freaks, but as cultural pioneers and social innovators.

I take it as fortunate that I got to be at the launching party of the book, since apparently it was the night that revived what used to be known as Boombox, unarguably London’s most celebrated fashion party (from what I heard, because I came to London too late and totally missed out, duh).

Take a look.

img_00032 img_01131

img_0125 img_0012

img_0015 img_0027

img_0071 img_00571

img_0065 img_0126

img_0074 img_0099

img_0079 img_0085

img_0092 img_0093

img_0103 img_0116

img_0110 img_0112

Rite. How’s your week going so far? And how are you enjoying Obama’s victory so far? People say that changes are flying in the wind, but I doubt I’d feel any changes in the London wind, so yah.


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