hot child of the Jago…

Military uniform had never looked so cool.

But I’m not talking about the camouflage. I’m talking about the red and blue long tail jackets and tight trousers and badges worn by the French and British soldiers a few centuries back.

Or the ivory shorts and shirt while they went colonizing Africa and South East Asia.

Think Civil War, think Napoleon, Waterloo, or even more relevant, think Pirates of the Caribbean Sea, and you get the idea.

And what idea is that? It’s the idea of this new shop called A Child of the Jago.

Brainchild of the same guy who started Agent Provocateur, Joe Corre, who’s also known as son of Vivien Westwood and Malcolm McLaren, A Child Of the Jago is a newly opened boutique in Shoreditch. The shop is devided into two parts: upper floor showcases brand new clothes inspired by whatever Victorian that goes under the name Terrorist and the logo of a wasp; when lower floor see a real personal collection of pieces that are probably older than your grandfather, no kidding. Take a look

The shop

lower floor
lower floor
jackets that could be older than your grandpa
jackets that could be older than your grandpa
upper floor
upper floor
hip hats
hip hats

and the guys



I remember the first time I watched a Napoleon film and I completely fell in love with what he was wearing. This shop is so gonna be my new treasure trunk. Now if you’d like to find out more about it, go to my blogroll on the right and click on A Child of the Jago.

Have a lovely weekend, nx

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