Ao Dai…

Time to get personal, and patriotic may I say.

I have a special personal interest in traditional dresses from all over the world. fascination really. the traditional dress doesn’t only carry the unique style, but also the history of the coutry it represents. well, I’m not going to write a whole essay on traditional dresses here.

Anyway, my favourite traditional dresses should be, at the third place, Japanese’s Kimono (look here:; and at the second place, Korean’s Hanbok (look here:

And at the top is my very own country – Vietnamese’s Ao Dai. I could write another essay to explain why I love it the most, but I’ll keep it short here by comparing it to the other two which are already well-known worldover.

Ao Dai is extremely simple in comparison to any other traditional dress in the world, especially to Kimono and Hanbok. It takes you five minutes to put on, and less than one to take off (when Kimono and Hanbok could take up to a few hours, no kidding). But more importantly, the beauty of Ao Dai lies in its simplicity. Usually silk, with super delicate cuts to make it fit perfectly, Ao Dai compliments any woman’s curves and body(shape). I swear I had never met a girl who wouldn’t look a lot better (physically) in Ao Dai than in normal clothes.

Also, thanks to the simplicity, Ao Dai looks a lot more contemporary than an usual traditional dress. Its adaptation into modern life with creative cuts and deco was a success and made it always looks up-to-date. Vietnamese girls don’t have to wait until traditional holidays to wear it, they can just wear it anytime they want to look very pretty 🙂

Anyway, the inspiration for the whole Ao Dai rambling today was because I was taking photos at the Miss Vietnam in Europe 2008 in London the other day, and was totally fascinated by the contestants in Ao Dai, so I just thought I should share. check it out.

the girl who won the title
the girl who won the title
first runner-up
first runner-up

hope you like it. and hope you’re having a good week too, I don’t 😦


2 thoughts on “Ao Dai…

  1. Thank you very much for your visit and kindness
    i am very glad that you like my work
    your friends was so sweet with me
    please alerte her that i’m gonn post her pics this week.
    I have 5 pics from her and her friends very funny

    let’s keep in touch because you do a great job and i plane to come more often to london

    futhermore, i will tell you about my coming website that you’ll like i think

    cheers from Paris


  2. ao dais emphasizes a woman’s natural figure. vietnamese girls, who are naturally petite, look especially good in ao dai.

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