Back to Black…

This is what I tend to do: usually dress in colours when mood is black, and vice versa.

Don’t know about these people though, but they look fabulous.

Axiel Yael Haligua, 21
Axiel Yael Haligua, 21

Jacket from a small leather shop in Paris, on the street of Rue vielle du Temple

Shorts from a small village in China (very random)

Jumper with massive turtle neck from Mango (fabulous)

Shoes by freelance from Paris

Bag by Mandarina Duck

Stockings from Tati shop in Paris

And then,

outside Ghetto

But I’m not going to tell you where to get what from where by whom, because if you want to look this fabulous, you’d better figure it out yourself.

Enjoy the week, nx

P.S: my apologies to my friend Igor: the reason why these photos are in bad quality is because I didn’t bring my camera and therefore had to borrow my friend Igor’s camera. Thanks Igor for the help, love ya 😛 nx

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