Knitwear from outerspace…

It’s official: I’ve found my favourite piece of knitwear, and i believe it’s from some other planet!

omg it's so cool
omg its so cool

Okay. I was joking. It’s from this planet. To be more exact, it’s from Iceland, by a designer named Mundi. To be even more exact, it is sold in Beyond the Valley (Newburgh st, off Carnaby st). Isn’t it so cute + cool + so-chunkily-sexy-it-makes-me-yearn-for-chocolate?


The same designer, Mundi, also does this piece which shows me the gate to hoodie heaven

can i have another piece of cheese cake please?
can i have another piece of cheese cake please?

Who said hoodie can’t be sexy? Well, I definitely never said that since I’ve already got a very sexy slim fit over-sized hoodie from Ambiguous (which transformed me into Lady Gaga a while ago if you remember). But this? This is THE one.

*slurp slurp*
so cute it kills

I get very depressed when I can’t afford clothes I want, that’s the reason why I have finished more than half a loaf of walnut cake while writing this. Now I’ll go eat up the rest to gulp down my depression.

By the way, there’s a party for the 2nd issue of Buck magazine tomorrow (or today?) – it’s today now: Wednesday 26th Nov, anybody? It’s gonna be great so come if you don’t have a better plan. No guestlist so you’d better come early, around 7:30 is perfect. Live music from My Tiger My Timing and Death Cigarettes, and DJ sets from Mmmelanie, Deathcrush and Defn.


E2 9AG

(just off the Hackney Road)

I’m off, nx

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