Can’t be better than this…

Time for some case studies:

– Case 1: When you spend enough time to browse the high-street for some best pieces, even queue up long enough to get your hands on a piece from possibly the best collection high-street ever got to offer Commes des Garcons for H&M + you make enough effort to get up and travel all the way to Chiswick for probably the most fabulous car boot sale in town + you spend a fair amount of time to browse the internet to get some best deals off eBay —> with that kind of taste and effort, no one could ever dress better than you!

– Case 2: When you’re so drop dead gorgeous you’re signed to be model for IMG when you’re only 16 + you still care enough to make such an effort that you dress possibly the best in town —> you have all the rights to walk the streets of London like a real princess

– Case 3: When you’re walking the streets of London like a real princess, being so painfully beautiful and dressing so amazingly cool and you’re spotted by Nick D. for his street style blog —> Nick D. got the best post of the month

Haha. Right, at this very moment I’m composing my best post of the month. Look at this

Suki Alice, 16. Model at IMG
Suki Alice, 16. Model at IMG

Trousers by Commes des Garcons for H&M

Boots by Dr Marten’s: £6 from eBay (!!!)

(Suki) Alice in (fashion) wonderland
(Suki) Alice in (fashion) wonderland

Jacket by Sonia Rykiel: second-hand, from Chiswick car boot sale (I’m so going to the next one!)

Flower on head from eBay

Jumper from Topshop

Right, life just can’t get better than this, although my life definitely can.

Enjoy your week,


5 thoughts on “Can’t be better than this…

  1. so the IMG Models website is currently under construction. but what the heck? Suki Alice has walked the runway for Vivienne Westwood Gold Label!!!

    and with her classic rebel attitude, she’s reminded me of Freja Beha (also with IMG, who apprently looks exactly like my ex, haiz). “this rock chick needs no luck”, right Suki?

    so Nick, you should have asked for số điện thoại của cô bé, haiz.

  2. nick shes so stunning and cool, and just 16!!!! have a look at her on the IMG site, shes under development in london as ‘suki’

    i think im in love!!

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