coolest Asian couple…

Right. It’s something so official we actually don’t say it outloud anymore, but I’m saying it again today: East Asian people are the best dressers.

Who could argue with that, really? Japanese are the craziest and most creative, Korean are the most elegant, and Chinese are usually the most colourful. Vietnamese, well, they are trying. Anyway, don’t even try to argue otherwise. By the way, click on Style Arena on my blogroll to have a sneak-peek at Japanese street style – very cool site.

Anyway, back to the Asians. Yesterday I met this couple, who I think could put all other Asians to shame. Check them out

On the left is Taegun, 26, from Korea, a fashion designer. I love his chunky knitwear and it’s by Stella McCartney. His dark grey sweater and bag are by Vivien Westwood. T-shirt and boots are from All Saints. And dark chocolate leather pants are by Michiko Koshino.

On the right is Conni, 24, from Taiwan, a graphic designer. Her zip-up black dress is by the up-and-coming Alexander Wang, jacket is from See by Chloe. Shoes are from B store and hat is vintage from Camden. I love her bag (although you can’t really see behind the Liberty bag) is by Pauric Sweeney.

Taegun is working on his own brand Yohan Kim. So watch out.

Final note: I admire anybody who could still make an effort to look good in this weather, it’s driving me crazy and all I wanna do is to wrap myself up in my duvet 😦


note: the people in the photos asked me to delete their photos, due to personal problems, and although it kills me to do that, I have no choice but do that. but i can’t delete this post because of the comments, i have to keep them :”)

so, sorry for not really seeing something really cool here. it was really cool. you’re just late :”)

5 thoughts on “coolest Asian couple…

  1. I disagree! ENTIRELY. South Asian people are the best dancers. Mas. Saif. Lipi. Me. Brown people in general. The Gaysian Invasion. Etc.

  2. And what about the Italians…taste is a personal / cultural thing…If you consider taste in fine art and then it’s influence on fashion, or taste in Architecture then it’s influence on fashion then the Europeans are up there…some think kitsch is tack, others think conceptual is boring….I think cool today and mass tommorrow! But hey good for you, after all fashion is about freedom of expression – written or visual! and you made your point 🙂

  3. Here’s a bit of Pierre Bourdieu for you “Taste classifies, and it classifies the classifier. Social subjects, classified by their classifications, distinguish themselves by the distinctions they make, between the beautiful and the ugly, the distinguished and the vulgar, in which their position in the objective classifications is expressed or betrayed.” (from ‘Distinction’)

  4. @Shiraz: i’m not gonna delete your comment, i’ll leave it there forever to always remind you how a perfect person could still make mistakes 😛

    @Lipi: Lipi, honey, take it easy. it was just a random statement and i didn’t even think about it that much. but then again, you wanna talk about the Italian?
    Fair enough, Italia gives birth to most of the most expensive designers in the world, but Italians as good dressers? it’s a big no no, for crying out loud. As far as I remember, I think i only met one Italian so far in my life that could actually dress himself properly (name is Andre and he’s gorgeous), but that’s about it. When for the Asians, there are not many famous designers, yet, but I do think they have really good sense of putting stuff together, you can’t disagree with that! it’s not about personal taste anymore, it’s a fact I can prove to you any minute we walk outside, let’s do that next time we meet. let’s meet a lot of Asians and Italians and let’s see what comes out of that! love ya, nx

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