Can’t get enough of tartan/checked shirt…

Guy Stephens, 29. Photographer
Guy Stephens, 29. Photographer

This shirt is from Cheap Monday, £50. And Guy is a great photographer to work with:

Nick D., 25. Minger
Nick D., 25. Minger

Shirt belongs to my friend Bee, she got it off a bargain. Scarf from Angels sale.

Nick D., 25. Poser
Nick D., 25. Poser

Shirt: Vintage from East End Thrift Store

Jeans: People’s Market

Long-sleeve tee: American Apparel

Scarf: Charity shop

This shirt is my single favourite piece of clothing I bought this year. Havne’t taken it off since bought last week. Love it.


2 thoughts on “Can’t get enough of tartan/checked shirt…

  1. You’re not a minger darling. come off it. We all know what those look like. I’m not sayin much but I will say this – hippo.

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