Jumble fabulously…

Laura, 24. Journalist
Laura, 24. Journalist

This is Laura. She is a journalist – design and interiors editor at BUCK magazine. What she is wearing in the photo is wonderful. And she got it off this fabulous jumble sale I’m telling you today. But first thing first, let’s have a more careful look at Laura.

queen of the jumble
queen of the jumble

Dress and shoes (£2) from Wills-Moody Rock’n’Roll Jumble Sale

Belt from a flea market in NY

Beret from a charity shop in Leeds

Glasses from a charity shop in Stockholm

This is what I love. Fashion that is personal/unique and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Anyway, Wills-Moody Jumble Sale. Everything you need to know about it is here: http://www.willsmoody.com/jumblepagenew

So check it out, and I’ll see you there.


2 thoughts on “Jumble fabulously…

  1. Hey Nick! Do u remember me?! I’m the italian guy, we spoke in Tottenham..the one that is going to Japan! Congratulations for the website! Awsome!! Can u send me the pictures u took?! Thank u soo much! Good luck for your job byeee!

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