Bolongaro Trevor joy…

Bolongaro Trevor

When I heard that Bolongaro Trevor was going to open a shop in Carnaby street, I was very happy. After all, their shop on Shoreditch High St is just badly located, surrounded by just bars loaded with drunkens – obviously not the type of people who would appreciate the fantastic designs. At least now they are only steps away from other cool fellow boutiques – Concrete, Hurwundeki, Beyond the Valley, etc.

Finally today I made my way to visit the store, and tbh, I expected the inside to be something more. It is Kait and Stuart’s second child after all (first one was All Saints if you haven’t got to know). But then again I guess they were just in a hurry to open the store before Christmas hence no time for interior decoration. And as long as the clothes are there, then why would I care?

And I completely forgot about the interior the moment I started digging in, and after five minutes, found my new favourite jumper.

Bolongaro Trevor’s Shawl Jumper unwrapped (photo by Hoan Bee)

jacket by Hamish Morrow


love at first sight
love at first sight
jeans by Galliano
jeans by Galliano
strike a pose!
strike a pose!
look around, everywhere you turn to is heartache, it's everywhere that you go!
look around, everywhere you turn to is heartache, it's everywhere that you go!

Bolongaro Trevor

Where: Broadwick St (just off Carnaby St)

Have a nice new week,


P.S: Update on Purple Invasion sale

I decided to keep it going on this whole week , check previous post for details.

One thought on “Bolongaro Trevor joy…

  1. Fancy coming across your site, awesome blogs I am impressed!! the jacket n the jeans made me go all AWWWWW ..
    Hey I am not sure but were u the guy who came up and talked 2 my friend when we were crawling around the sale in Chelsea Town Hall?????

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