Australia, apparently, is the place to go…

I was sitting at my favourite table by the window in my favourite coffee shop in Hanoi today when I spotted these two beautiful people. It’s a case of “you miss this and you kiss your street style blog goodbye”, so here you go.

Top by Ksubi
Top by Ksubi

This is Crystal. She is 19. She is working as a hair-dresser at Toni & Guy in Sydney. I love the scarf, the ring, the bangles, and yes, of course, the hair. But I love her shoes and bag the most. Look.

Shoes are from a vintage shop in Sydney call Cream On Crown, and bag is from Deadly Pony
Shoes are from a vintage shop in Sydney call Cream On Crown, and bag is from Deadly Pony

Now this is the guy she was taking photos with in front of the church. No less beautiful.

Peter, 23. Law student.
Peter, 23. Law student.

Jeans and boots from ChronicleS of Never

Jacket from Claude Maus

Jumper from Friedrich Gray

All are Australian brands and designers. Seriously? Seriously! Go to Australia, now! (Remember they also made Aussiebum, the best underwears in the world)

I managed to throw in the conversation a lame joke: didn’t know a law student could be so stylish. Kill me, yeah. Of course I didn’t tell Peter my friend Shiraz who knows how to dress like a disco queen is also a law student, and my friend Briony once came this close to wearing her new shiny gold American Apparel jacket to her law firm 🙂

I miss London, I seriously do. I seriously need a trip to my favourite vintage shops, like NOW!

have a great new week, nx

7 thoughts on “Australia, apparently, is the place to go…

  1. oh my god i love her shoes i love her shoes!!!…

    shamefully I never think of buying any flat shoes/boots for myself because of my modest height urrrgghhh.. it’s really really a BIG shame of me =(.

    [btw i didnt have chance to tell u that most of my friends taking flight back home from Newcastle and Manchester. The two other guys having flight from London couldnt contact bee lady at their last minute (they called me a while before the plane taking off :-??) and they were off on 2nd Jan.. I’m still waiting to hear if any of my friends gonna fly home from London. that’s all 4 now xx.]

    one more thing xx. pls keep this blog running and updated ’cause i’m a loyal reader of it!!!

    xx hanchin xx

  2. ah btw if i’m not wrong, Thu tuti (from voiceup team) and probably cVH Yen (Ki lady from LSE) are going back home for the Lunar New Year. U may want to check it out with cHuong Man for more details and hopefully those gals can somehow help out a bit with ur leftover stuff, dear xx

  3. Hey Nick. Nice pics but I agree with Uynnie, these looks are a dime a dozen in Melbourne town.

    Im coming over to Hanoi next month. Could you recommend the best places for a 30yo male to shop at. Im looking for interesting clothes and hopefully stuff I cant get in Melbourne. Boutiques/Markets/Shoe stores would be great.

    Hope you can help.


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