Army boy…

It’s rare to see double-chested army-like jacket in Hanoi. But here it is. Makes me miss London a bit…

Đỗ Nam Hải, 20. Student.
Đỗ Nam Hải, 20. Student.
love the jacket, Dior style
love the jacket, Dior style
and love the shoes VERY MUCH!
and love the shoes VERY MUCH!

it’s, however, getting very warm here in Hanoi. And heard that London’s getting warm too, finally.

More fashion walks Hanoi to come soon, nx

Black layers…

Finally I made a comeback (the second time since I got back, I know, shame on me!)

It was the big New Year holiday season here in Vietnam, it was such a mess, a real big one. everything stops. a lot worse than the Christmas season over there. And I’ve got a new job, a 9-5 one. nothing much fun. and that’s about it.

Found this guy on the very last day of the old year (Lunar calendar, if you’re wondering), so it’s been a while. He’s a real nice guy who’s also got a fashion blog, interesting. He also took my photos, but honestly, I never dress myself good enough to be on street fashion blog. And if you’re wondering what should be good enough, well, in my opinion, good enough would be you don’t just dress nicely, but your outfit must have something to talk about.

Like this man, his outfit is simply plain, but the layers are pretty cool and I really like it. Now check it out.

Mr Thanh @

Turtle neck tee from Muji

Trench from Zara

Long cardigan from Len Saigon (which translate Saigon Wool, Saigon a.k.a Ho Chi Minh City – a city in Vietnam, and Len Saigon is a wool company there, nothing big, not like a brand, but this cardigan is pretty cool ain’t it?)

Jeans from Uniqlo

Sneakers by CDG H+

Another look at this?

i love the cardigan (and The Cardigans too)
i love the cardigan (and The Cardigans too)

Now that’s all I’ve got for you today. My street fashion photos are getting on another magazine in Vietnam. Wait till we see how it turns out, will update.

Enjoy February lovelies, nx