So, finally a new post. Life’s been eventful so maybe I should keep you guys updated with my current life.

Over the last year, I had been a reporter for the national English newspaper (in the domestic news section, which was so NOT me), a PR Manager at possibly the nicest hotel in town (InterContinental Hanoi Westlake) which was a very fun job but I was not so excited about it anymore after the first few weeks. After all, I had come to realize that I didn’t really fit in with any job at all, I’m so wholly a freelancer. And that’s exactly what I had come back to do (since November 2009). However, with a new plan.

I have been dreaming of (since the day I started this blog) that I will eventually be doing something in the fashion industry, like, having my own shop to introduce to people the clothes that I love, share with them my idea of fashion. I just love the idea so much but had always felt like I was never ready to realize it. I’m actually doing it right now, working on opening my own shop. When I’m writing these lines, it’s actually only a few days before we open the shop after a month of repairing and redecorating it. Anyway, that’s about it about me. I’ll surely come back to write (much) about my shop later.


Today’s show, however, is about a very good friend’s work. She was one of my closest friends in London, where she studied at the London College of Fashion. She has been working very hard in London for a Vietnamese fashion brand to save enough money to come back here in Vietnam to open her own shop, where she sells her own designs + some nice imported clothes. I was fortunate to be chosen to shoot her first collection for the shop, and here is a sneak peak into what she has to offer.

So if you happen to be in Hanoi, come check her shop out at GÉNÉPI 27  Nguyễn Hữu Huân st, Hanoi

Mai Thang for GÉNÉPI

Photo by me

MUA: Phan Hữu Lập (+84 989 080921)

Model: Mai Thang

Studio: Zoom 33 Mã Mây Hanoi

3 thoughts on “GÉNÉPI

  1. Oh my god I am so excited for you…I want pictures of the shop and all the shoppers, on the first day of opening. Can’t wait to visit the store one day! Congrats

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