Toy boy…

(Quite striking) bright blue. This is cute.

Vuong, 20

Girls with big shoes…

Although this is nothing new, it is definitely something I’ve never seen on the streets of Hanoi. So this is more like a notification to you that the young people here are definitely picking up the fashion.

I want to see more of this, please! I do!

Linh is studying in Japan
This is Linh. She is studying in Japan

she is small, but she has crazy shoes. More of her shoes to come
She is small, but she has crazy shoes. More of her shoes to come

This is Hip, 18. She is a photography student who has quitted university (does it suck?)
This is Hip. She is a photography student, who has quitted uni (does it suck that badly?)

She, however, is planning to go study photography in France. With a style like this, I say she'd have no problems finding herself fitting in perfectly on the streets of Paris, or London
Say you love them, because you do!

Girl with confidence…

I promise. I haven’t found much like this on the street of Hanoi (thus the pending on this blog). But I’ve been seeing quite a few lately, so here you go. A sneak-peek into what people are wearing in Hanoi.

This is Diep. She is cool. Working in media, she’s a real fashion victim. Judging from what’s being shown in Gossip Girl, I believe she needs a good tote. But for now, she’s fine like this 🙂

Diep, 25
Diep in the torn jeans she's proud of

I love the shoes, too.

That’s it for now. Back soon for more from the streets of Hanoi 🙂