About a Girl…

A friend of mine, who always knows how to keep it simple, but absolutely lovely

do you know about a girl..?
sequin is defo not for this year, and not for summer, but something like this is always cute and love enough :")
i don't like wedges, but these are cute. and i love the bag!

Introducing: La Cage fashion boutique

shop floor

What world were I in, really, I ask myself? How could I open a fashion boutique and completely forgot to write about it here? I guess I was too busy spending time updating my new blog for the shop, I have, somehow, pretend that I didn’t have this blog at all.

So, here’s a little about it.

Name’s La Cage

changing room
shop floor
before opening

More about later.

Check out my other blog for the shop: http://lacage.wordpress.com for more details

We’re also on facebook, if you search for La Cage fashion boutique.

I’m too lazy to write more now, so I’m out.