Chinese delight…

It’s been a while. Too lazy lately to really do anything. Plus i’m too busy with my shop I hardly go out to hunt down people with a style. So yah, this blog might close soon. No, kidding.

Okay, so I am in China, Guangzhou right now. And I was browsing a wholesale shopping mall in Chanxi when I found this (OMG) amazing shop with clothes from Korea with kinda amazing style. I think I love almost everything from the shop. The owner is this super stylish guy who only employs super cute guys, then put super cute clothes on them and make them walk around and this becomes the hottest shop in the mall (well, I myself, I think, kinda “accidentally” walked past by it about 10 times today, so that should say enough about it).

Anyway, this is one of the guys, the cutest actually, and by cutest I mean you’d hardly find such a cute guy in Guangzhou, this land is like, under an ugly spell (no offenses if any reader is actually from here, which I doubt, but yah, no offenses, just my personal opinion, or probably I haven’t been around enough?)

the shorts are actually pale pink, excuse my bad camera :"( but tell me you love the shoes
and then the white top is actually quite transparent, and the black thing works like some kinda a waistcoat, but only enough to cover your chest, things like that
the only thing i don't like about his outfit is his belt, but then, i love the clutch a lot, so there you...

Now, last but not least, you gotta check out Hurts right now. Came 4th in BBC1’s Sounds of 2010 poll at the end of last year, they are definitely the new Florence + the Machine story of this year (to me) – Florence + the Machine only came third in the same poll for 2009, but came out as my favorite band of the year, and this year, Hurts came behind Ellie Goulding, Marina and the Diamonds and Delphic, but to be honest, I’m not digging any of those.

So yes, listen to Hurts’ Wonderful Life (EP) and Better Than Love (single) right now before it’s too late :”)

Will try to update this later with more Chinese delights, although internet in China sucks so bad it took me almost an hour to post this, duh.

with love,


One thought on “Chinese delight…

  1. wow, I thought you talked about food when I saw your post on Facebook. LOL Well this could be considered as “food for mind” (yours specially since none has more hunger for rare beauty as you have).

    Generally I am not relly fond of Korean teeny style. But what makes me laugh of this blogpost is this phrase “this land is like, under an ugly spell”. Ha ha, you are difficult man!

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