Boxing Day sale at La Cage

So. It’s post-Christmas, and New Year’s coming. And as we, me and biz partner, are both fascinated with Boxing Day sale back in European days, we decided we do the same thing with La Cage. And I think it’s actually the first Boxing Day sale ever in Hanoi, as far as we know 🙂

This is it

Really. Don’t miss out this chance to fill your wardrobe with only more cool stuff with much less price. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Check out our shop’s own blog to see what we’ve got in stock for you

I’m posting more street style stuff soonest.

So long

Love, Nx


Posh it!

This is a very posh boy, who had made to this blog twice 🙂 love his style

Name: Nguyen Manh Hoang

Age: 22

Occupation: fashion student/fashion shop owner/stylist

What he’s wearing: Blazer from “à mon avis” shop 18B Cha Ca st, jeans from Diesel, tee from Harajuku shop 54 Hang Cot st, shoes and bag from Alexander Wang, clutch from Mulberry.

Style: I have my own style. But whatever style you choose for yourself, you need to be comfortable and confident with it.

Thoughts: People are making more efforts on the street of Hanoi now, and I can’t be left behind.


The Lady Dresser

Hana Dang, 25

This is another one from the series I did for the Word. Her name is Hana, and she used to share an apartment with me when I first came to London. She’s a graduate from the London College of Fashion, that should say enough about her passion for fashion. I’m very happy she decided to go back to Vietnam to start her own line. We need more people like that here. Now she’s wearing her own line, and even has her own shop. Only better.

Name: Hana Đặng

Age: NA

Occupation: Fashion designer

What she’s wearing: Her own line, Loire, shop at 10 Đặng Tất, Hanoi

Style: Classy and Fabulous

What do you think about street fashion in Hanoi: Unpredictable


Paint it black!

This is Loan, who co-owns La Cage fashion boutique ( with me (mentioned in previous post). Took her photo for a street style article I did for The Word Hanoi magazine (

So yes, I’m doing street style again, in Hanoi. Though it’s harder, but I’d try to keep this going. This is the first of the series I did for Word. Enjoy,


Name: Loan BUI

Age: 25

Occupation: fashion boutique owner

What are you wearing? Tank, shoes and bag from my own boutique, La Cage fashion boutique at number 9, alley 3B Đặng Thái Thân, Hanoi. Jacket is from a small boutique in Paris and trousers from a shop in Shanghai. Scarf is from a friend’s mum.

How do you describe your style? More classic European than Asian

What do you think about street fashion in Hanoi? Young people here seem to be obsessed with brand names and chasing the trends when they don’t even have the sense of fashion, thus very few could show their identity/personality through what they wear.