Paint it black!

This is Loan, who co-owns La Cage fashion boutique ( with me (mentioned in previous post). Took her photo for a street style article I did for The Word Hanoi magazine (

So yes, I’m doing street style again, in Hanoi. Though it’s harder, but I’d try to keep this going. This is the first of the series I did for Word. Enjoy,


Name: Loan BUI

Age: 25

Occupation: fashion boutique owner

What are you wearing? Tank, shoes and bag from my own boutique, La Cage fashion boutique at number 9, alley 3B Đặng Thái Thân, Hanoi. Jacket is from a small boutique in Paris and trousers from a shop in Shanghai. Scarf is from a friend’s mum.

How do you describe your style? More classic European than Asian

What do you think about street fashion in Hanoi? Young people here seem to be obsessed with brand names and chasing the trends when they don’t even have the sense of fashion, thus very few could show their identity/personality through what they wear.

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