Who’s Nick D.?

Nick's new hair Feb 09
Nick's new hair Feb 09

So, who/what/why/how’s Nick D.?

1. A kid who never grows up.  He decided to stop growing up about ten years ago.

2. Obsesses with anything purple, and as the photo above suggests, black too.

3. Studied international journalism. But thought that the world is a little too gloomy with wars, bombs, hunger, poverty, murders, financial crisis, bad weathers, corrupted politics, etc etc. all of which he just can’t face, so he turned to something brighter, (a lot) more shallow and enjoyable, like fashion.

4. Used to write about music (for a few years, oh), then woke up one day and realized that most of the stuff he wrote sounded more like PR articles, which is pretty fucked up for someone who breathes music, so he stopped.

5. Started writing a few years ago, and finally got a book published (in Vietnam, oh and that’s where he comes from) just last month. But he hasn’t been writing much lately, writer’s block or laziness, he can’t decide.

6. Used to work as a stylist, but could never really agree with the photographers + the aforementioned writer’s block/laziness => picked up photography and now is very happy he did, because he could feel and record life in a much better way then just sit there and watch, and let imagination run wild into stupid writings that at the end of the day don’t really make much sense.

7. Got enormously inspired by the fashion scene in London, the people who care enough to dress themselves interestingly and don’t really care about what others think, and these cool places to shop, etc. He’s still very much into the fashion in magazines, but thinks most of that is not really appealing (mostly because they’re unaffordable), while the fashion that walks the streets of London is so lively, it’s alive, it’s vibrant, it’s the real thing, it’s touchable, seizable, approachable, etc. it’s so inspiring.

8. Loves cooking and thinking of writing about the crazy food he invented.

9. Got into party and nightlife photography by chance, but so in love with it now he can’t stop doing it.

10. Fell asleep while writing this and woke up after a few hours completely forgot what else he wanted to say about himself + his brain doesn’t work in the morning anyway so he decided to stop here.

This is why I hate writing about myself, I could go on forever. However I’ve managed to stop at 10 things you should know about me. Will update when brain starts working again.


16 thoughts on “Who’s Nick D.?

  1. Hey Gorgeous person that i don’t know I’m curious abt ur book that got published, let me know the name okay I’ll def. gonna have a look

  2. Hello Nick!

    My name is Yoshiko from BILCOM. Inc in Tokyo, working on behalf of “UNIQLO” in the PR team.

    I first want to thank you for showing some of our items on your blog.
    It’s very cool you’ve collected many snaps shots of punk style.

    I was wondering if you were interested in UNIQLO’s news, such as new collections, branding stories, campaigns?

    For more details, please contact me!

    Thank you very much!


  3. Hello! I saw that you are a Hanoi fashion blogger. I need a help with your advice.
    We are shooting a tv programme about Hanoi shopping. The sence is that there is a couple and one a girl has for shopping a lot of money and a boy has only 100$ for 8-10 purchases .
    May be you can advice some interesting locations with unique staff – clothing, shoes, home design, souvenirs, gifts, arts… some thing very unique and special may be with interesting story, that you can not get anywhere else but in Hanoi. some thing very local really Hanoi stile.(not necessarily clothing, it can be book, cd, some device,unique magnet, poster, jewel, special candies, food whatever you consider can be interesting to learn for common people, not fanatics about the shopping and fashion but able and willing to learn something new interesting)
    Would be very grateful for an answer! Waiting forward
    thanks for attention

    1. hi Katrina,
      I’m really sorry for some reason i didn’t get this message until now. at the same time i’ve moved to Saigon-Ho Chi Minh City for more than a year now so i’m no longer in Hanoi, but i’m also doing fashion in HCMC so next time if you need some help about fashion in HCMC give me a buzz yeh. Really sorry about this time.

      you can reach me at my personal email too quocdat1909@gmail.com



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