I’m back…and it’s Chunky Time again…

This has been really bad of me, I have ignored this blog for more than two weeks now. But no, I haven’t closed it, haven’t stopped writing for it, although to be honest I was considering that.

The reason is, there’s no point to keep it going anymore. I started it as a blog dedicated to street fashion and parties in London, and now I’m no longer in London, so what’s the point. But then again, I changed my mind. It could just be an international street style blog now (might be even better than, no?), mostly Vietnam, because that’s where I’m residing, and anywhere else I happen to have a chance to travel to, probably mostly Asia. And I’m trying to get my friend Bee to help me keep the London part going, but I can’t promise anything since she’s a shy (and lazy) girl (no offense Bee, I’m just being honest :P). So yah, probably you won’t see any London street style on this blog in a while, but instead you’ll get a glimpse of the South East Asian style. That could be cool too, I hope.

Anyway, the last few weeks have been pretty crazy for me, spending most of my time packing my London life up to leave, and seeing friends, and celebrating Christmas, and digging in the Boxing day for the first time in my life (ended up buying a bunch of most fabulous underwears, I’m very happy). Was not feeling like going out spotting stylish people at all, so this is all what I got for your viewing pleasure at the moment.

Bee in Bricklane
this look makes me miss my grandmother

My friend Bee and me got sleepless this one night about two weeks ago and we decided to go out shopping really early in the morning and ended up digging in the Topshop sale for hours before any other shop opened. I can’t remember now how I fell out of love with Topshop Topman but, really, I didn’t hope to be able to buy anything at that place anymore. I think Bee agreed with me too. That’s why we were both very surprised when Bee found this chunky knitted jacket on the sale rack for half the price.

What I love the most about it? It looks like it belonged to Bee’s grandmother – the colour, the style, the texture. That’s even more than cool!

i just love this whole outfit, the way things are put together
i heard she broke your heart again, that's why you came to see me

Chunky knitted jacket from Topman sale £20

Trousers by Paul & Joe Sister from Bicester Village £78

Boots by Zadig & Voltaire from Bicester Village £70 (originally £256, isn’t that amazing?)

Bag from a random shop in Korea

No doubt the boots are my favourite though.

Right, back to me. I’m in Singapore at the moment, visiting for a few days before going back to Vietnam. And God knows how much I want to do (lots of) street style stuff in Singapore. But seriously, I’ve been out everyday, and I haven’t seen one single person with cool style. To be fair, it’s really hot here so almost everybody goes out in shorts and tees. But really, everybody looks exactly the same. This is really sad. Well, I’ve got two days left, so I’ll try my best, but really, I don’t know. Will get back to you guys later about that.

Now, last but not least, I hope you all have a really cool new year ahead. Rock it baby!



Jumble fabulously…

Laura, 24. Journalist
Laura, 24. Journalist

This is Laura. She is a journalist – design and interiors editor at BUCK magazine. What she is wearing in the photo is wonderful. And she got it off this fabulous jumble sale I’m telling you today. But first thing first, let’s have a more careful look at Laura.

queen of the jumble
queen of the jumble

Dress and shoes (£2) from Wills-Moody Rock’n’Roll Jumble Sale

Belt from a flea market in NY

Beret from a charity shop in Leeds

Glasses from a charity shop in Stockholm

This is what I love. Fashion that is personal/unique and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Anyway, Wills-Moody Jumble Sale. Everything you need to know about it is here: http://www.willsmoody.com/jumblepagenew

So check it out, and I’ll see you there.


Can’t get enough of tartan/checked shirt…

Guy Stephens, 29. Photographer
Guy Stephens, 29. Photographer

This shirt is from Cheap Monday, £50. And Guy is a great photographer to work with: http://www.guystephens.com

Nick D., 25. Minger
Nick D., 25. Minger

Shirt belongs to my friend Bee, she got it off a bargain. Scarf from Angels sale.

Nick D., 25. Poser
Nick D., 25. Poser

Shirt: Vintage from East End Thrift Store

Jeans: People’s Market

Long-sleeve tee: American Apparel

Scarf: Charity shop

This shirt is my single favourite piece of clothing I bought this year. Havne’t taken it off since bought last week. Love it.


coolest Asian couple…

Right. It’s something so official we actually don’t say it outloud anymore, but I’m saying it again today: East Asian people are the best dressers.

Who could argue with that, really? Japanese are the craziest and most creative, Korean are the most elegant, and Chinese are usually the most colourful. Vietnamese, well, they are trying. Anyway, don’t even try to argue otherwise. By the way, click on Style Arena on my blogroll to have a sneak-peek at Japanese street style – very cool site.

Anyway, back to the Asians. Yesterday I met this couple, who I think could put all other Asians to shame. Check them out

On the left is Taegun, 26, from Korea, a fashion designer. I love his chunky knitwear and it’s by Stella McCartney. His dark grey sweater and bag are by Vivien Westwood. T-shirt and boots are from All Saints. And dark chocolate leather pants are by Michiko Koshino.

On the right is Conni, 24, from Taiwan, a graphic designer. Her zip-up black dress is by the up-and-coming Alexander Wang, jacket is from See by Chloe. Shoes are from B store and hat is vintage from Camden. I love her bag (although you can’t really see behind the Liberty bag) is by Pauric Sweeney.

Taegun is working on his own brand Yohan Kim. So watch out.

Final note: I admire anybody who could still make an effort to look good in this weather, it’s driving me crazy and all I wanna do is to wrap myself up in my duvet 😦


note: the people in the photos asked me to delete their photos, due to personal problems, and although it kills me to do that, I have no choice but do that. but i can’t delete this post because of the comments, i have to keep them :”)

so, sorry for not really seeing something really cool here. it was really cool. you’re just late :”)

Can’t be better than this…

Time for some case studies:

– Case 1: When you spend enough time to browse the high-street for some best pieces, even queue up long enough to get your hands on a piece from possibly the best collection high-street ever got to offer Commes des Garcons for H&M + you make enough effort to get up and travel all the way to Chiswick for probably the most fabulous car boot sale in town + you spend a fair amount of time to browse the internet to get some best deals off eBay —> with that kind of taste and effort, no one could ever dress better than you!

– Case 2: When you’re so drop dead gorgeous you’re signed to be model for IMG when you’re only 16 + you still care enough to make such an effort that you dress possibly the best in town —> you have all the rights to walk the streets of London like a real princess

– Case 3: When you’re walking the streets of London like a real princess, being so painfully beautiful and dressing so amazingly cool and you’re spotted by Nick D. for his street style blog —> Nick D. got the best post of the month

Haha. Right, at this very moment I’m composing my best post of the month. Look at this

Suki Alice, 16. Model at IMG
Suki Alice, 16. Model at IMG

Trousers by Commes des Garcons for H&M

Boots by Dr Marten’s: £6 from eBay (!!!)

(Suki) Alice in (fashion) wonderland
(Suki) Alice in (fashion) wonderland

Jacket by Sonia Rykiel: second-hand, from Chiswick car boot sale (I’m so going to the next one!)

Flower on head from eBay

Jumper from Topshop

Right, life just can’t get better than this, although my life definitely can.

Enjoy your week,


Super-size me…

Something I’m not entirely sure yet, but I myself fancy very much.

David Lim, 33. Doctor
David Lim, 33. Doctor

What do we call this? Over-sized zip-up tee? Or just over-sized outer wear? I’m confused, but I like it.

Jeans by Tsubi (nice)

Shoes by YSL (yum)

Bag by Fendi

didn't know doctors could be so stylish!
didnt know doctor could be so stylish!

Top (wear inside) by Joseph

Outer-wear by Diesel

Cool. That’s another one for today. Talk a bit about music, I’m loving some really cool remixes, mostly pretty old stuff, but they are addictive. if you have a chance, check them out:

– The Saturdays – Up (Wide Boys remix)

– Britney Spears – Break The Ice (Jason Nevins rock remix): this one’s old but still loving it

– Adele – Cold Shoulder (Basement Jaxx classic remix): one of my favourite remixes of all time. can’t stop listening to this

– Metronomy – Heartbreaker (Kris Menace remix): just found this gem of remixes last night thanks to Melanie (http://blog.melaniecrete.com/) and now can’t stop listening to it!

Last but not least, a new one: Britney’s upcoming single Circus got remixed by Jason Nevins pretty neatly.

Sorry I can only recommend, I’m too lazy to upload and share.

Anyway, I’m off, nx

Knitwear from outerspace…

It’s official: I’ve found my favourite piece of knitwear, and i believe it’s from some other planet!

omg it's so cool
omg its so cool

Okay. I was joking. It’s from this planet. To be more exact, it’s from Iceland, by a designer named Mundi. To be even more exact, it is sold in Beyond the Valley (Newburgh st, off Carnaby st). Isn’t it so cute + cool + so-chunkily-sexy-it-makes-me-yearn-for-chocolate?


The same designer, Mundi, also does this piece which shows me the gate to hoodie heaven

can i have another piece of cheese cake please?
can i have another piece of cheese cake please?

Who said hoodie can’t be sexy? Well, I definitely never said that since I’ve already got a very sexy slim fit over-sized hoodie from Ambiguous (which transformed me into Lady Gaga a while ago if you remember). But this? This is THE one.

*slurp slurp*
so cute it kills

I get very depressed when I can’t afford clothes I want, that’s the reason why I have finished more than half a loaf of walnut cake while writing this. Now I’ll go eat up the rest to gulp down my depression.

By the way, there’s a party for the 2nd issue of Buck magazine tomorrow (or today?) – it’s today now: Wednesday 26th Nov, anybody? It’s gonna be great so come if you don’t have a better plan. No guestlist so you’d better come early, around 7:30 is perfect. Live music from My Tiger My Timing and Death Cigarettes, and DJ sets from Mmmelanie, Deathcrush and Defn.


E2 9AG

(just off the Hackney Road)

I’m off, nx