Name: Tuan Mami

Age: 29

Occupation: Artist

What he’s wearing: Top and scarf from Japan. Pants from China.

His style: Sexy & Cool

Thoughts: Street fashion in Vietnam is Uniform.



Just, don’t include me out…

Name: Nguyen Tuan Phuong

Age: 22

Occupation: Fashion designer

What he’s wearing: all designed and made by himself

Style: smart but still young enough

Thoughts: I see many young people nowadays with unique style, which inspires me to create more nice clothes


The Messenger…

Name: Tran Gia Vinh

Age: 18

Occupation: Student

What he’s wearing: Jacket and bag from One Kei, tee from So Hot shop, jeans from Topman and shoes from Converse.

His style: Simple. Comfortable. Youthful.

What he thinks about Hanoi’s street fashion: People on the streets of Hanoi are dressing to many different trends now and many even put their characteristics into their style, which make the whole scene very colorful.


Cry Baby…

Name: Nguyen Phuong Ly

Age: 20

Occupation: Graphic designer, stylist

What she’s wearing: tank and shorts from La Cage fashion boutique, cardigan from Angel’s Charm, boots from Peo’s Shop

Her style: Comfortable casual street style

What she thinks about street fashion in Hanoi: Too many people are following the trends from Korea


Dance The Way I Feel…

Name: Gabby Quỳnh-Anh Miller

Age: 25

Occupation: personal assistant to Nguyễn Phương Linh

What she’s wearing: tee is Dad’s, sweatshirt from “Clothes + Cook” when she was cold in Seoul, jeans from Levi’s, shoes from best gal pal Layla, all accessories and jewels from Mom and Ông Nội (grandpa)

Style: Old man/Young lad

Thoughts: Old men are the sharpest dressers in Vietnam.

(BTW, the title refers to Ou Est Le Swimming Pool’s best song on their The Golden Years album. Go listen to it people)

Love, N

Boxing Day sale at La Cage

So. It’s post-Christmas, and New Year’s coming. And as we, me and biz partner, are both fascinated with Boxing Day sale back in European days, we decided we do the same thing with La Cage. And I think it’s actually the first Boxing Day sale ever in Hanoi, as far as we know 🙂

This is it

Really. Don’t miss out this chance to fill your wardrobe with only more cool stuff with much less price. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Check out our shop’s own blog to see what we’ve got in stock for you

I’m posting more street style stuff soonest.

So long

Love, Nx