Tee time…

Right, I’m in fact enjoying some nicest green tea made in Vietnam while writing this, but that has nothing to do with this blog or anyone of you. No I’m not sharing. You, however, might find what I’m sharing today even more enjoyable.

Because I happen to think that this is the nicest t-shirt in the world

Jayson wears hat from H&M
Jayson wears hat from H&M

This is the t-shirt made by Horace and can be found at Concrete shop (Marshall st, just off Carnaby st)

In the photo Jayson wears an over-sized which I think gives a cooler and edgier look. Have a better look

best over-sized tee!
Jayson wears shoes from Office

I, however, choose a better fitted size, and I still like it very much

don't I look cool ^^
dont I look cool?

(note: the drummer of Alphabeat wore one exactly like mine in the video of Fascination, and he’s gorgeous so I shouldn’t have a problem with that should I?)

What’s best about it is that, it’s a t-shirt, and there’s no season for t-shirts, it never goes in or out of fashion, because it’s just a tee. So why not run to Concrete right now to grab one for yourself while the sale’s still on. I did, and I was never more happy ^^

Another sale’s on tomorrow. I’d better kill myself now, I’d die hungry in a week anyway having spent all money on clothes 😦

By the way, Britney’s new album kick anything by Rihanna in both the ass and the face.