Runaway Daydreamer.





Name: Qần Bi.

Age: 20-something.

What he’s doing: Designing beautiful clothes for men.

What he’s wearing: Colours.

What he’s listening to: Happy by Pharrell




Bolongaro Trevor joy…

Bolongaro Trevor

When I heard that Bolongaro Trevor was going to open a shop in Carnaby street, I was very happy. After all, their shop on Shoreditch High St is just badly located, surrounded by just bars loaded with drunkens – obviously not the type of people who would appreciate the fantastic designs. At least now they are only steps away from other cool fellow boutiques – Concrete, Hurwundeki, Beyond the Valley, etc.

Finally today I made my way to visit the store, and tbh, I expected the inside to be something more. It is Kait and Stuart’s second child after all (first one was All Saints if you haven’t got to know). But then again I guess they were just in a hurry to open the store before Christmas hence no time for interior decoration. And as long as the clothes are there, then why would I care?

And I completely forgot about the interior the moment I started digging in, and after five minutes, found my new favourite jumper.

Bolongaro Trevor’s Shawl Jumper unwrapped (photo by Hoan Bee)

jacket by Hamish Morrow


love at first sight
love at first sight
jeans by Galliano
jeans by Galliano
strike a pose!
strike a pose!
look around, everywhere you turn to is heartache, it's everywhere that you go!
look around, everywhere you turn to is heartache, it's everywhere that you go!

Bolongaro Trevor

Where: Broadwick St (just off Carnaby St)

Have a nice new week,


P.S: Update on Purple Invasion sale

I decided to keep it going on this whole week , check previous post for details.

Knitwear from outerspace…

It’s official: I’ve found my favourite piece of knitwear, and i believe it’s from some other planet!

omg it's so cool
omg its so cool

Okay. I was joking. It’s from this planet. To be more exact, it’s from Iceland, by a designer named Mundi. To be even more exact, it is sold in Beyond the Valley (Newburgh st, off Carnaby st). Isn’t it so cute + cool + so-chunkily-sexy-it-makes-me-yearn-for-chocolate?


The same designer, Mundi, also does this piece which shows me the gate to hoodie heaven

can i have another piece of cheese cake please?
can i have another piece of cheese cake please?

Who said hoodie can’t be sexy? Well, I definitely never said that since I’ve already got a very sexy slim fit over-sized hoodie from Ambiguous (which transformed me into Lady Gaga a while ago if you remember). But this? This is THE one.

*slurp slurp*
so cute it kills

I get very depressed when I can’t afford clothes I want, that’s the reason why I have finished more than half a loaf of walnut cake while writing this. Now I’ll go eat up the rest to gulp down my depression.

By the way, there’s a party for the 2nd issue of Buck magazine tomorrow (or today?) – it’s today now: Wednesday 26th Nov, anybody? It’s gonna be great so come if you don’t have a better plan. No guestlist so you’d better come early, around 7:30 is perfect. Live music from My Tiger My Timing and Death Cigarettes, and DJ sets from Mmmelanie, Deathcrush and Defn.


E2 9AG

(just off the Hackney Road)

I’m off, nx

Tee time…

Right, I’m in fact enjoying some nicest green tea made in Vietnam while writing this, but that has nothing to do with this blog or anyone of you. No I’m not sharing. You, however, might find what I’m sharing today even more enjoyable.

Because I happen to think that this is the nicest t-shirt in the world

Jayson wears hat from H&M
Jayson wears hat from H&M

This is the t-shirt made by Horace and can be found at Concrete shop (Marshall st, just off Carnaby st)

In the photo Jayson wears an over-sized which I think gives a cooler and edgier look. Have a better look

best over-sized tee!
Jayson wears shoes from Office

I, however, choose a better fitted size, and I still like it very much

don't I look cool ^^
dont I look cool?

(note: the drummer of Alphabeat wore one exactly like mine in the video of Fascination, and he’s gorgeous so I shouldn’t have a problem with that should I?)

What’s best about it is that, it’s a t-shirt, and there’s no season for t-shirts, it never goes in or out of fashion, because it’s just a tee. So why not run to Concrete right now to grab one for yourself while the sale’s still on. I did, and I was never more happy ^^

Another sale’s on tomorrow. I’d better kill myself now, I’d die hungry in a week anyway having spent all money on clothes 😦

By the way, Britney’s new album kick anything by Rihanna in both the ass and the face.


hot child of the Jago…

Military uniform had never looked so cool.

But I’m not talking about the camouflage. I’m talking about the red and blue long tail jackets and tight trousers and badges worn by the French and British soldiers a few centuries back.

Or the ivory shorts and shirt while they went colonizing Africa and South East Asia.

Think Civil War, think Napoleon, Waterloo, or even more relevant, think Pirates of the Caribbean Sea, and you get the idea.

And what idea is that? It’s the idea of this new shop called A Child of the Jago.

Brainchild of the same guy who started Agent Provocateur, Joe Corre, who’s also known as son of Vivien Westwood and Malcolm McLaren, A Child Of the Jago is a newly opened boutique in Shoreditch. The shop is devided into two parts: upper floor showcases brand new clothes inspired by whatever Victorian that goes under the name Terrorist and the logo of a wasp; when lower floor see a real personal collection of pieces that are probably older than your grandfather, no kidding. Take a look

The shop

lower floor
lower floor
jackets that could be older than your grandpa
jackets that could be older than your grandpa
upper floor
upper floor
hip hats
hip hats

and the guys



I remember the first time I watched a Napoleon film and I completely fell in love with what he was wearing. This shop is so gonna be my new treasure trunk. Now if you’d like to find out more about it, go to my blogroll on the right and click on A Child of the Jago.

Have a lovely weekend, nx

you’re so preppy, and i like it…

Right, so October is not even coming to an end yet and it was snowing in London? That sounds so wrong I actually gasped when it happened in front of my very own naked eyes. For someone who actually got love for snow like me, I was happy to see those icy fluffy flake flying around. But Kylie isn’t wrong at all when she sings “happiness will never last, darkness comes and kick your ass”. 1:30 in the morning and I was waiting for the night bus for half an hour in the snow, freezing like a polar bear with no hair in the heart of the North Pole. It was not even funny.

Anyway, this blog is not about snowing in London, it’s about something else that… I’ll get to that in a minute.

I’m not going to deny the fact that I actually enjoy Gossip Girl very much. I know I’m a little too old to sit and watch a bunch of snobby kids in the Upper East Side fucking each other’s life. I, however, believe that I had stopped growing up 10 years ago, so. Nevermind.

But you can’t disagree that Gossip Girl is probably the most visually enjoyable tv show ever made. The kids are so cute (don’t even get me started on Blair and Jenny and Nate and Chuck).

And the fashion. Forget all the labels that the girls strut in (and on) which already got the world talking, the character of Chuck only is hugely responsible for bringing preppy back on the plate. Pastel colour shirts, classic cardigans, wool suit pants, silk scarves, ties and neck-kerchieves have never looked so cool on a young guy.

For the season of autumn-winter 08, Ralph Lauren is also reviving the classic American private school look, with chunky cardigans, club-logo pullovers and polos. Check out the latest issue of VMan for more details.

As tremendously inspired by Chuck, and as lame as I am, I have decided to try my hand on preppy, putting on myself a few clothes that I’ve hid away at the bottom of my wardrobe for quite a while, thinking preppy just won’t work on me at all. But doesn’t hurt to try, does it?

Shirt by Versace

Cardigan by Nigel Hall

Shorts and belt by Fred Perry

Shirt and trousers by Topman design

Cardigan by All Saints

Tie from Hurwundeki (i will write about Hurwundeki soon)

Shoes by Reiss

Suits by Topman design

Shirt from Thailand

Cardigan by Burberry

Tie from Hurwundeki

Shoes by Reiss

Now all I wish for this Christmas is a chunky cardigan by Alexander McQueen, oi.