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Name: Qần Bi.

Age: 20-something.

What he’s doing: Designing beautiful clothes for men.

What he’s wearing: Colours.

What he’s listening to: Happy by Pharrell




Australia, apparently, is the place to go…

I was sitting at my favourite table by the window in my favourite coffee shop in Hanoi today when I spotted these two beautiful people. It’s a case of “you miss this and you kiss your street style blog goodbye”, so here you go.

Top by Ksubi
Top by Ksubi

This is Crystal. She is 19. She is working as a hair-dresser at Toni & Guy in Sydney. I love the scarf, the ring, the bangles, and yes, of course, the hair. But I love her shoes and bag the most. Look.

Shoes are from a vintage shop in Sydney call Cream On Crown, and bag is from Deadly Pony
Shoes are from a vintage shop in Sydney call Cream On Crown, and bag is from Deadly Pony

Now this is the guy she was taking photos with in front of the church. No less beautiful.

Peter, 23. Law student.
Peter, 23. Law student.

Jeans and boots from ChronicleS of Never

Jacket from Claude Maus

Jumper from Friedrich Gray

All are Australian brands and designers. Seriously? Seriously! Go to Australia, now! (Remember they also made Aussiebum, the best underwears in the world)

I managed to throw in the conversation a lame joke: didn’t know a law student could be so stylish. Kill me, yeah. Of course I didn’t tell Peter my friend Shiraz who knows how to dress like a disco queen is also a law student, and my friend Briony once came this close to wearing her new shiny gold American Apparel jacket to her law firm 🙂

I miss London, I seriously do. I seriously need a trip to my favourite vintage shops, like NOW!

have a great new week, nx

coolest Asian couple…

Right. It’s something so official we actually don’t say it outloud anymore, but I’m saying it again today: East Asian people are the best dressers.

Who could argue with that, really? Japanese are the craziest and most creative, Korean are the most elegant, and Chinese are usually the most colourful. Vietnamese, well, they are trying. Anyway, don’t even try to argue otherwise. By the way, click on Style Arena on my blogroll to have a sneak-peek at Japanese street style – very cool site.

Anyway, back to the Asians. Yesterday I met this couple, who I think could put all other Asians to shame. Check them out

On the left is Taegun, 26, from Korea, a fashion designer. I love his chunky knitwear and it’s by Stella McCartney. His dark grey sweater and bag are by Vivien Westwood. T-shirt and boots are from All Saints. And dark chocolate leather pants are by Michiko Koshino.

On the right is Conni, 24, from Taiwan, a graphic designer. Her zip-up black dress is by the up-and-coming Alexander Wang, jacket is from See by Chloe. Shoes are from B store and hat is vintage from Camden. I love her bag (although you can’t really see behind the Liberty bag) is by Pauric Sweeney.

Taegun is working on his own brand Yohan Kim. So watch out.

Final note: I admire anybody who could still make an effort to look good in this weather, it’s driving me crazy and all I wanna do is to wrap myself up in my duvet 😦


note: the people in the photos asked me to delete their photos, due to personal problems, and although it kills me to do that, I have no choice but do that. but i can’t delete this post because of the comments, i have to keep them :”)

so, sorry for not really seeing something really cool here. it was really cool. you’re just late :”)

Can’t be better than this…

Time for some case studies:

– Case 1: When you spend enough time to browse the high-street for some best pieces, even queue up long enough to get your hands on a piece from possibly the best collection high-street ever got to offer Commes des Garcons for H&M + you make enough effort to get up and travel all the way to Chiswick for probably the most fabulous car boot sale in town + you spend a fair amount of time to browse the internet to get some best deals off eBay —> with that kind of taste and effort, no one could ever dress better than you!

– Case 2: When you’re so drop dead gorgeous you’re signed to be model for IMG when you’re only 16 + you still care enough to make such an effort that you dress possibly the best in town —> you have all the rights to walk the streets of London like a real princess

– Case 3: When you’re walking the streets of London like a real princess, being so painfully beautiful and dressing so amazingly cool and you’re spotted by Nick D. for his street style blog —> Nick D. got the best post of the month

Haha. Right, at this very moment I’m composing my best post of the month. Look at this

Suki Alice, 16. Model at IMG
Suki Alice, 16. Model at IMG

Trousers by Commes des Garcons for H&M

Boots by Dr Marten’s: £6 from eBay (!!!)

(Suki) Alice in (fashion) wonderland
(Suki) Alice in (fashion) wonderland

Jacket by Sonia Rykiel: second-hand, from Chiswick car boot sale (I’m so going to the next one!)

Flower on head from eBay

Jumper from Topshop

Right, life just can’t get better than this, although my life definitely can.

Enjoy your week,


Super-size me…

Something I’m not entirely sure yet, but I myself fancy very much.

David Lim, 33. Doctor
David Lim, 33. Doctor

What do we call this? Over-sized zip-up tee? Or just over-sized outer wear? I’m confused, but I like it.

Jeans by Tsubi (nice)

Shoes by YSL (yum)

Bag by Fendi

didn't know doctors could be so stylish!
didnt know doctor could be so stylish!

Top (wear inside) by Joseph

Outer-wear by Diesel

Cool. That’s another one for today. Talk a bit about music, I’m loving some really cool remixes, mostly pretty old stuff, but they are addictive. if you have a chance, check them out:

– The Saturdays – Up (Wide Boys remix)

– Britney Spears – Break The Ice (Jason Nevins rock remix): this one’s old but still loving it

– Adele – Cold Shoulder (Basement Jaxx classic remix): one of my favourite remixes of all time. can’t stop listening to this

– Metronomy – Heartbreaker (Kris Menace remix): just found this gem of remixes last night thanks to Melanie ( and now can’t stop listening to it!

Last but not least, a new one: Britney’s upcoming single Circus got remixed by Jason Nevins pretty neatly.

Sorry I can only recommend, I’m too lazy to upload and share.

Anyway, I’m off, nx

Pitch Black…

Continue with the black theme. But this time, it’s pure black, plain black, extreme black.

Scarlett Ellis, 22. MUA
Scarlett Ellis, 22. MUA

Jacket: New Look

Bag: Topshop

Boots: Dr Marten’s

Oh how I just love the dark evil look, especially when it works so well on her 🙂

Black works differently on guys though.

James Nicholson, 24. Graphic designer
James Nicholson, 24. Graphic designer

I love this guy James. When I stopped him and ask to take his photo, he shyly smiled and said thank you. I was like, for what. “Because I think I look like a mess,” he said.

Oh no, Mr.Graphic Designer, how could you look like a mess wearing an All Saints bag, Swear shoes, that lovely almost-vintage army-like double-chested coat (surprisingly from River Island Boutique – the vintage range) and that smile.

okay. that’s enough blackness for today.


Back to Black…

This is what I tend to do: usually dress in colours when mood is black, and vice versa.

Don’t know about these people though, but they look fabulous.

Axiel Yael Haligua, 21
Axiel Yael Haligua, 21

Jacket from a small leather shop in Paris, on the street of Rue vielle du Temple

Shorts from a small village in China (very random)

Jumper with massive turtle neck from Mango (fabulous)

Shoes by freelance from Paris

Bag by Mandarina Duck

Stockings from Tati shop in Paris

And then,

outside Ghetto

But I’m not going to tell you where to get what from where by whom, because if you want to look this fabulous, you’d better figure it out yourself.

Enjoy the week, nx

P.S: my apologies to my friend Igor: the reason why these photos are in bad quality is because I didn’t bring my camera and therefore had to borrow my friend Igor’s camera. Thanks Igor for the help, love ya 😛 nx