Australia, apparently, is the place to go…

I was sitting at my favourite table by the window in my favourite coffee shop in Hanoi today when I spotted these two beautiful people. It’s a case of “you miss this and you kiss your street style blog goodbye”, so here you go.

Top by Ksubi
Top by Ksubi

This is Crystal. She is 19. She is working as a hair-dresser at Toni & Guy in Sydney. I love the scarf, the ring, the bangles, and yes, of course, the hair. But I love her shoes and bag the most. Look.

Shoes are from a vintage shop in Sydney call Cream On Crown, and bag is from Deadly Pony
Shoes are from a vintage shop in Sydney call Cream On Crown, and bag is from Deadly Pony

Now this is the guy she was taking photos with in front of the church. No less beautiful.

Peter, 23. Law student.
Peter, 23. Law student.

Jeans and boots from ChronicleS of Never

Jacket from Claude Maus

Jumper from Friedrich Gray

All are Australian brands and designers. Seriously? Seriously! Go to Australia, now! (Remember they also made Aussiebum, the best underwears in the world)

I managed to throw in the conversation a lame joke: didn’t know a law student could be so stylish. Kill me, yeah. Of course I didn’t tell Peter my friend Shiraz who knows how to dress like a disco queen is also a law student, and my friend Briony once came this close to wearing her new shiny gold American Apparel jacket to her law firm 🙂

I miss London, I seriously do. I seriously need a trip to my favourite vintage shops, like NOW!

have a great new week, nx


I’m back…and it’s Chunky Time again…

This has been really bad of me, I have ignored this blog for more than two weeks now. But no, I haven’t closed it, haven’t stopped writing for it, although to be honest I was considering that.

The reason is, there’s no point to keep it going anymore. I started it as a blog dedicated to street fashion and parties in London, and now I’m no longer in London, so what’s the point. But then again, I changed my mind. It could just be an international street style blog now (might be even better than, no?), mostly Vietnam, because that’s where I’m residing, and anywhere else I happen to have a chance to travel to, probably mostly Asia. And I’m trying to get my friend Bee to help me keep the London part going, but I can’t promise anything since she’s a shy (and lazy) girl (no offense Bee, I’m just being honest :P). So yah, probably you won’t see any London street style on this blog in a while, but instead you’ll get a glimpse of the South East Asian style. That could be cool too, I hope.

Anyway, the last few weeks have been pretty crazy for me, spending most of my time packing my London life up to leave, and seeing friends, and celebrating Christmas, and digging in the Boxing day for the first time in my life (ended up buying a bunch of most fabulous underwears, I’m very happy). Was not feeling like going out spotting stylish people at all, so this is all what I got for your viewing pleasure at the moment.

Bee in Bricklane
this look makes me miss my grandmother

My friend Bee and me got sleepless this one night about two weeks ago and we decided to go out shopping really early in the morning and ended up digging in the Topshop sale for hours before any other shop opened. I can’t remember now how I fell out of love with Topshop Topman but, really, I didn’t hope to be able to buy anything at that place anymore. I think Bee agreed with me too. That’s why we were both very surprised when Bee found this chunky knitted jacket on the sale rack for half the price.

What I love the most about it? It looks like it belonged to Bee’s grandmother – the colour, the style, the texture. That’s even more than cool!

i just love this whole outfit, the way things are put together
i heard she broke your heart again, that's why you came to see me

Chunky knitted jacket from Topman sale £20

Trousers by Paul & Joe Sister from Bicester Village £78

Boots by Zadig & Voltaire from Bicester Village £70 (originally £256, isn’t that amazing?)

Bag from a random shop in Korea

No doubt the boots are my favourite though.

Right, back to me. I’m in Singapore at the moment, visiting for a few days before going back to Vietnam. And God knows how much I want to do (lots of) street style stuff in Singapore. But seriously, I’ve been out everyday, and I haven’t seen one single person with cool style. To be fair, it’s really hot here so almost everybody goes out in shorts and tees. But really, everybody looks exactly the same. This is really sad. Well, I’ve got two days left, so I’ll try my best, but really, I don’t know. Will get back to you guys later about that.

Now, last but not least, I hope you all have a really cool new year ahead. Rock it baby!